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Male Multiple Orgasm Swish Explained. Male Multiple Orgasm SWISH: Simply put, you use the NLP Kinetic Swish technique to help master male multiple orgasm.

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The Penis And Male Sexual Pleasure – how a woman can give a man greater sexual pleasure

” I Am Blown Away! “Having great difficulty in achieving orgasm the “normal” way, I bought your subliminal CD on the subject. I haven’t yet had a chance to try the results on my manfriend, but if the DIY sex is anything to go by, I am blown away!

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You can’t help yourself, you love breasts, so alluring, so round, soft, its like they pull you in and down. Just one little quick look down, down… down.

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4 Myths About the Female Orgasm. Last start with some myths about sex and ejaculation before we digg into the details

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Men: You Can Easily Take Your Partner To The BIGGEST Orgasm She’s EVER Had! Watch This Video Clip And Discover How To Make Any Woman Shake And Squirt With Orgasmic Bliss

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