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Ivory II Upright Pianos . Ivory II Upright Pianos features a choice selection of Modern and Vintage Upright Pianos

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Better Music is Australia’s premier piano destination. We stock a huge range of acoustic Grand & Upright pianos as well as a large range of high quality pre-owned pianos.We also carry Portable keyboards, Digital Pianos, Stage Pianos …

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Generally, larger pianos are worth more than a smaller ones. Condition being equal, a full-size upright will produce greater sound than a small spinet due in part to a greater string length and soundboard area.

GRADE II – Vintage Upright Pianos Vintage pianos are still embellished, but are not as lavish. Simplified, but still present, the decorative details consist of fewer if any hand carvings, larger applied moldings and less intricate turnings of the legs.

One of the Best London stockists of reconditioned Yamaha pianos.

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, pianos and organs went through an incredible evolution. Pictured below are various styles, models, and descriptions of vintage instruments that can help you determine the type and …

For nearly 150 years, Square Grand Pianos were the piano of choice in both America and Europe, yet very few people today have ever seen one! Even most Piano tuners and technicians today have little or no familiarity with Square Grand Pianos whatsoever.

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Vintage Steinway pianos were built with the intent to last generations. It’s an absolute pleasure to restore these Steinway grand and upright pianos back to life.

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Vintage Fischer pianos were built well and were known for exquisitely carved cases. The craftsmanship of Fischer pianos in our opinion reflects just how special old world cabinetry and piano making once was in America.

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