The rubber bands that could give you the butt of a supermodel (and you can do the exercises at your desk) By Deborah Arthurs for MailOnline Updated: 14:53 …

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In this article I’m going to try to please the male readers, female readers, and trainers. If you’re simply looking for a good butt workout then skip down to the

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Remember the hullaballoo revolving around NieR Automata protagonist 2B’s botty? Turns out the dev team quite literally doesn’t give a fudge. There’s an option in the game which enables you to self-destruct, removing the character’s skirt and revealing her bubble butt in all of its curvaceous glory

Want a rear view that kicks butt? WebMD has the right exercises, cardio, and style choices can help in the quest for the perfect butt.

Quick workouts lasting 4 to 10 minutes can be just as effective as longer routines. The key is to perform the prescribed exercises using correct form, taking recommended rest periods, and completing the workout three times per week. The 5 Moves to Get a Bubble Butt is designed to lift, round, and

This fast paced, 5-minute Butt Firming Workout is perfect for busy women who want a firmer backside.

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To build size in your glutes, not only do you need to the right exercises, but you’ve got to perform them at a volume and intensity that’s

Destiny Stephens, 21, from Ontario, Canada, has revealed how she transformed her flat bottom into a Kardashian-style ‘bubble butt’ without doing a single squat.

Not loving your butt? We’ve got butt workouts for every type — from saggy butts to flat butts to bubble butts — so you can tone and exercise your booty into shape.

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